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Project Description

Major Telecommunications, Entertainment and media company in the USA

Mercury is the internal name for a massive Data Warehouse. The need for this warehouse arose due to a number of legacy systems with redundant and inconsistent data that were no longer able to provide accurate information, at the customer level. Client management wanted to streamline the reporting process. Additional critical data was needed related to line of business, segment, channel profit/loss, better allocation of tools, finance approved processes, and methodologies. The customer required a greater granularity with respect to its data and additional features such as subscribers, accessories, handsets, customer revenues and product history.


Data Glove’s solutions were able to help by:

Improving Competitive Advantage!

  • Better & faster reaction to new performance measures
  • Ability to recast historical data using new definitions
  • Actionable P&Ls with customer-level detail
  • Improved ability to link customer behavior with financial impact
  • Designed a new revenue accounting system that supports P&Ls
  • Designed a new billed reporting process/tool.
  • Dimensional and customer level P&Ls Information delivery
  • New end-to-end subscriber reporting process

Reducing Reporting Costs!

  • Leverages existing investments in data warehouse
  • Eliminates duplicative reporting systems
  • Lowers CFO cost via self-service, user-driven reporting
  • Disciplined governance approach/prioritization to future reporting, system enhancements.
  • Elimination of redundant systems and applications leads to reduced complexity in the general ledger

The project‘s intent was to bring about major change and cohesive alignment across various interdependent groups. The project time line was multiple years by phases as Hyperion & Teradata were relatively new solutions, and that many old methodologies just didn’t apply any more. Data Glove was hired by the Client along with Accenture to help design and implement this project.


Migrated from Old IBM CICS and DB2 systems to new warehouse using Teradata Platform. Many other tools were used such as Hyperion, then OBiee for reporting. Many applications had to be updated, API’s were redone and new solutions had to be written in .NET and Java.

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